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Whether you’re a freshman looking to dip your feet in a new field or a senior looking to advance your knowledge in your ideal career path, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you.

Your Advantages

Why Use JumpStart


Filters for location, grade, on-site or remote, and more make it easy for you to find your ideal opportunity.

Unique opportunities

With businesses invited to post directly on our website and an ever-expanding database of opportunities, you are sure to find one fit for you.

Across the U.S

Regardless of where you live, we have opportunities for you, near you. Our database of remote opportunities offers even more flexibility.

Quick responses

We take customer service seriously. Whether you have a question, comment, or anything to add, a member of our team will respond to you quickly.

What makes us unique

One platform dedicated to high schoolers.

JumpStart is like no other platform on the internet. While many job-searching platforms are available for college and graduate students, finding opportunities as a high schooler is much harder. JumpStart is designed specifically for high school students to help them find the internship, job, summer program, or other position they’re looking for.


90% of employers agree that high school internships can help students get into better colleges.

With colleges becoming increasingly competitive, internships and other programs can help your application stand out. Colleges are looking for students who are committed, motivated, and passionate, and an internship is a great way to showcase these qualities.


Discover your passions and build your network.

For high schoolers, gaining work experience can help you make a well-informed career decision and build your professional network. Internships, jobs, and other programs, allow students to explore potential college majors and learn from professionals.


Enhance your skill set and gain confidence.

More than just boosting your resume, these opportunities teach students key skills that are crucial for success in the real world. From effective communication to teamwork, they help students become better equipped for college and future jobs, regardless of the career path they choose.

Our mission

We Want To Help You Find Your Opportunity.

JumpStart’s platform is right at your fingertips, making your search less stressful and more convenient. With our continually growing database, we make it easier than ever for high school students to¬† gain their dream opportunity.