About us

JumpStart was started by 7 high school students who realized that finding the right opportunities as a high school was often times the hardest part of exploring potential majors and careers.

Your Turn! What Will You Do?

Now that you know more about us and how we can  help, what will you do? We made this platform to help you reach your goals and dreams — to make it easier for you to take your next step. What are you passionate about? Law? Business? Space? Whatever your answer may be, we have an opportunity to help you take that interest to the next level and step into the real world. Our passion was to help fellow high school students find their ideal opportunity, and we can’t wait to see where your passion will lead you  next.

Made by High schoolers, for high schoolers

Trust us when we say we know how it feels! Stuck in a whirlwind of papers and assignments, it can be challenging to find outlets to de-stress and relax. At JumpStart, we have plenty of low-commitment internships and programs for you to explore, as well as ones that are just downright fun!

That said, if you’re looking to dive further into a field you’re interested in or pursue high-commitment activities to truly show your passion and dedication, we’ve got you covered too! For all of our ambitious stars out there, we’ve got bootcamps and programs to truly let your skills shine. Fun fact: the team that started JumpStart actually met through an internship!


Our Mission

JumpStart aims to bridge the gap between high schoolers and opportunities. As high schoolers, we know how difficult finding your ideal opportunity can be. Our unique platform helps resolve this issue by matching students to internships, jobs, and programs that reflect their personal interests.

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